The most intelligent and compact 5-axis NC machining center, with monolithic closed-cell structure, designed with moving bridge, conceived for high-level performance. The gantry is driven by double master/slave drive, which, thanks to perfect synchronization in the movement of the two ends, allows parallelism of movements, resulting in reduced vibration and extreme precision in high-speed machining.

The basic fabricated structure of the P Series, thanks to its modular design, has three bridge sizes and in depth can be extended with 1.5-meter pitch modules, creating an infinite combination of sizes.

There are many options and accessories available to configure this machining center in ever-changing ways and thus, to meet extremely specific requirements.

For example, to minimize dust from composite materials, the P series can be equipped with variable-length suction hood around the spindle nose, or coolant misting (minimal) and chip conveyors are used when high-speed aluminum machining is common.

When it is needed to further lower the thermal loads induced by the heaviest machining, the P Series can also be configured to work in a wet environment, with a cutting fluid recirculation pump, setting tank and filtration.

Other applications perfect for this family of machines include machining of components made of honeycomb material, configuring the machine in a hybrid mode to work with both rotating tools and blades or discs on ultrasonic heads, which bring a number of advantages.

Finally, the P Series is one of the machines set up to integrate 3D printing capabilities in addition to classical CNC milling functions, giving rise to additive/ultrasonic hybrid configurations to take advantage of the benefits of both these technologies.

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