We can propose two class of machines often associated to a thermoforming process:

  • CNC machines to mill aluminum moulds
  • CNC machines for fast cutting/drilling operations of complex 3D thermoformed components, which are very common in the plastic industry. These components are often reinforced with fibers.

The Multiax machining center features specifications and programming systems fit for conventional and extreme machining of thermoformed materials. The easy to use programming system and the CNC technology are uniquely balanced to provide high speed cutting with precision and repeatability. In addition, its design allows fast CAD/CAM programming, dust and scraps removal (manual drawers or conveyors).

The most frequent operations performed by the thermoformers are the high speed cut, trimming and drilling process and the machine is proposed in function of the productivity, the type of material and thickness to be machined, for the highest quality and productivity possible.

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