20 February 2024

Live Demo at the JEC 2024: explore MULTIAX CNC and REV3RD’s solutions to the challenges of modern production

Live Demo at the JEC 2024:  explore MULTIAX CNC and REV3RD’s solutions to the challenges of modern production

MULTIAX CNC and REV3RD have pooled their expertise to collaborate on a brand-new project: the development of a full line of Cartesian 3D printers and a series of hybrid configuration CNC machines capable of both 3D printing and milling. They will be exhibiting and presenting these solutions at JEC World in Paris from 5 to 7 March, stand M88 in hall 5.

At the JEC, Multiax will showcase the CNC machining Center of the P Series in action. This monolithic closed-cell structure is engineered for high-level performance, with a gantry driven by twin drives, which allows great parallelism of movements, resulting in reduced vibration and extreme precision, particularly during high-speed machining of aluminium or composites.

You’ll have the opportunity to see a live demo of the P Series printing sample parts in resin, and witness firsthand the accuracy of material deposition, the regularity of the layers, and the overall consistency of the system.

The next-generation of high-flow pellet extruder, provided by REV3RD and integrated into the P-Series, is designed for the fastest 3D printing, capable of extruding up to 25 kg of material per hour, with additional models available to extrude up to 60 kg/hour.

The main applications for our machines range from rapid prototyping, trim tooling, holding fixtures, low-temperature master models, casting patterns, to hot forming tooling, autoclave molds, oven molds, self-heated molds, as well as various components, spare parts, and design items.

Thanks to this range of extrusion capacity, the additive functions can be integrated into several other Multiax CNC machines, including 3 axis CNC Routers and large envelope 5-axis gantries, either with low rails or high shoulders and stunning vertical axis strokes.

All these machine models are available in two versions: for printing only (PrintX) and for printing plus milling (HybridX), to reply to different production strategies, necessities, and space constraints of end-users.

Regardless of the configuration, Multiax solutions are all based on Cartesian structures, capable of reaching higher accuracies and better stability than robot-based solutions, especially during the printing process.

The ability to adjust the printer's head inclination via NC ensures optimal material build-up angles, while pellet extrusion 3D printing offers a wide range of material options, from soft grades to high-performance resins filled with carbon fiber or glass fiber. Layer-by-layer material deposition allows for the creation of complex component shapes that would be challenging to achieve through traditional processes, optimizing material usage.

The printing head and the feeding system

At the core of the printing process there is the RD-M25, manufactured by REV3RD, a high-flow, medium-weight pellet extruder.

An important feature of the RD-M25 is its water-cooling system, which enables operation in any environmental condition. The water-cooling loop ensures that the entire system remains at a controlled temperature, without any compromise on performance. Temperature control is one of the most critical parameters in 3D printing, and the RD-M25 excels in this area, equipped with four K-type thermocouple sensors.

The RD-M25 is driven by a powerful motor, ensuring reliability and efficiency in handling demanding printing tasks.

Additionally, our package includes a material feeding system comprising a high-performance mini-dryer for pellet dehumidification, a vortex cyclone filter, cleaning valves, and hoppers, all contributing to the vacuum transport of pellets in the feeding system.

If you're ready to explore innovative ideas and embrace cutting-edge technologies, reach out and meet us in Paris!


MULTIAX CNC designs and manufactures medium/large envelope, innovative 3-5 axis CNC Routers and Machining Centers with additive functionalities for reinforced plastics, composites and aluminium.

About REV3RD

REV3RD’s main activity is developing and selling FGF Additive Manufacturing technologies to supply third-party machines of powerful and innovative pellet extruders for Large-Scale Additive Manufacturing systems. The company offers a wide range of pellet printheads, able to print from 5 up to 200 kg/h. All models are designed in-house and customizable according to the customers’ needs in terms of power and configuration. The name REV3RD (read reverd) is inspired by the Italian word “verde”, which means green, and highlights the ideas of circularity and recyclability empowered by additive technologies.

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