19 Februar  2021

SINUMERIK ONE jetzt auf MULTIAX CNC-Bearbeitungszentren

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SINUMERIK ONE jetzt auf MULTIAX CNC-Bearbeitungszentren

At the EMO 2019 Siemens has presented their latest component for the digital transformation of machine tools: SINUMERIK ONE.

As a "digital native", the controller features software for the creation of corresponding digital twins.

Among the top highlights:

Flexibility: shift of job preparation, from machine-tests to identical PC-based-tests with real CNC kernel and real parameters. Save money and accelerate.

Efficiency: right the first time, to minimize waste parts. Verification of parts variety (and machines variety), for the highest efficiency

Highest productivity: Enhanced functions to run programs and moves masses in an optimized way

Beyond these, there is a series of technology functions intended to help improve processing speed, contour accuracy and processing quality. Let’s mention just a few:

Top Surface provides best surface quality from CAM-generated NC programs.  It also exploits a powerful Look-ahead function.

Top Speed Plus enables high dynamics and speed, to increase performance and productivity

Intelligent Load Control: Automatable adaptation of the dynamic and control parameters to the current loading

Intelligent Dynamic Control: Automatic adaptation of the dynamic and control parameters to the current axis position or axis speed

Among the great advantages brought by SINUMERIK ONE is that, thanks to the digital twin you can precisely simulate your work processes before doing them.

  • Digital twins have a huge value to optimize the machine life cycle.
  • Operators can now effectively simulate processes before using the machine, thanks to the exact CNC parameters and taking the shopfloor equipment into account e.g. own fixture for the workpiece.
  • Machine users can further reduce non-productive times; examples:
    • early collision detection
    • job preparation / program check in a risk-free environment
    • easier training, maintenance, …
    • faster communication with customers about prices and deadlines
    • more accurate planning
    • increased productivity, even with smaller batch sizes, but more variants.

If you are interested to get more information about the added values brought by SINUMERIK ONE on your next MULTIAX CNC Machining Center, write us at info@multiax.com and we will organize a web meeting and set up a demonstation.

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