Solid cantilever structure, for precision routing, drilling and precision cutting operations, particularly suitable for small production batches, one-off series, pre-series or other non-series production dynamics.

Appreciated for being versatile and easy to use, this model is pleasantly compact and allows it to be configured in many ways to propose a wide range of special solutions.


The basic, yet complete solution, is complete, ideal for those who require simplicity of programming and flexibility. The most targeted investment for those who want to start operating with a CNC machining center.

MULTIAX C Customization of the standard

The C models allow to CNC Route, saw and drill point-to-point, from 3 to 5 axes. Small or large series are ready to be processed with constant quality and ease of use. Designed to be versatile, the C Series meets every possible need in terms of productivity and operational capacity.

"DOORS" version for panel processing and kitchen doors

PQT is the name of our patented and exclusive piece locking system which allows you to fix a panel to be machined by simply reading the final dimensions to be obtained. This occurs via internally developed software, which transmits the necessary commands to the device, without wasting time and with immediate effect. This allows for a huge real production advantage, further maximized when combined with our patented DFS system which allows you to follow or "copy" the differences in panel thickness so that the different tools can create perfect shaped surfaces.

"WINDOWS" version for doors and windows

Any window model can be produced with the C Series structure adapted to this type of production. In particular, we make use of vertical or horizontal vices, vacuum suction cups, chain tool changers with magazines for special and large tools, liquid-cooled electrospindles and software developed to best manage these specific applications.

"IN LINE" version (cells for in-line processing)

This version uses a special work table combined with driving rollers and suction cups which, after having transported the piece to be worked, block it for the operations to be carried out and then unload it and take it out of the area, leaving the place free for a new piece. The system is supported by dedicated software to autonomously transmit to the Machining Center the operations to be carried out on the incoming material, even different ones, from time to time. The right answer for in-line production.

TOP version

Customization has no limits when it comes to door production. The best results are obtained when you can concentrate multiple processes at the same time. In this version more different processes take place simultaneously, creating significant savings.


The C Series can easily handle numerous operations. A CNC machining center that can possibly be adapted and set up for special processing needs.


The advantages of the flexibility of this model will be clear and indisputable the moment you evaluate the potential of the countless combinations of possible configurations.

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