Heavy duty low rail gantries, ideal for hybrid configurations.

The modular design of the L series, characterized by a gantry moving on low guides, is suitable for industries where large parts are processed with high precision, such as, for example, in the production of molds for the automotive industry, marine or wind energy, i.e. large pieces of composite for aeronautics.

One of the most important aspects of an open structure/low rail structure is that it enables maximum accessibility (loading/unloading) either from the front or from the sides. The travelling column design provides an easily accessible ground-level room for crane or forklift truck loading and unloading.

Beyond this, the workpiece can be visualized from different perspectives (this is not possible with suspended gantry structures), for being eventually machined again, without being taken out from the machine.

This is very useful to prototype departments or any application where the design of the part must be validated before downloading the mould from the CNC machine.

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