Closed structures for heavy loads, high track portals for large work volumes.

This massive 5-axis high-bridge CNC machine is ideal for machining large workpieces. The most common automated CNC machining operations include milling, cutting, drilling, countersinking, riveting and fastening applications, etc.

The modular travelling bridge design with a wide range of optional components allows the User to machine large workpieces of various sizes while ensuring high cutting speeds, high precision and a smooth surface finish.

High-level guides on Y-parallel side supports in various executions in terms of design, weight and component dimensions, addressing different processes in different industries, characterized by different necessities and expectations.

These 5-axis CNC machines are ideal for complex, high-speed CNC machining of printed or laminated parts, even working on large parts in the aerospace, automotive and marine industries.

Typical materials to be machined are: aluminium-based alloys, composite materials (fibreglass, carbon fibre, sandwich, honeycomb), tool plates, resins, epoxy resins, FRPs.

In some cases, we integrate very useful devices and functions that give greater added value to users such as, for example, automated handling systems for loading/unloading large components, vision, measurement and control systems.

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